Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Anti Social Networking

Oh so many good blogging opportunities are tossed into the bin for the small fact that the people whom I wish to blog about are actively linked to my facebook. Oh facebook you fickle mistress – I love you for you feed my innermost hunger for faceless cyber stalking yet just when I’ve collected a juicy blog worthy nugget your rotten head whips ‘round to bite me in the bottom.

The good thing though is that I keep a double secret private stash of such not internet publishable stories so when the time comes to write my memoirs or to produce my feature length biopic for the silver screen all of these life altering (not my life – others’ lives) episodes will be preserved. For the curious readers who are asking themselves, “Hmmm I wonder who will portray G in her movie?” – well it is no other than Queen Latifah (an obvious yet inspired choice). Others whom I have tapped to appear to portray friends and relatives are John Leguizamo, Liev Schreiber, Bonnie Hunt, Ali McGraw, Oliver Platt, Eric Dane (McSteamy),John Cusack, and Jason Alexander. Friends this is just a working list that will be expanded however if you feel that you have been neglected please submit your actor of choice directly to me.

Lastly here are three stories that have been stripped of all details because of my great deal of respect for the parties involved –either that OR I really don’t feel like being stabbed in my sleep.

· A person and a place then not a place.
· A person with stuff to look at makes me confused.
· A person, the internet, an email.

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