Thursday, October 8, 2009

3rd Time’s a Charm

It’s mid October which means that we have arrived at the conclusion of my 3 month subscriptions to and Eharmony. Must say that I am actually relieved to be released from my interweb dating servitude since my diligent efforts yielded no fruit. Here is the breakdown of my 3 month stint of actively engaging the every so degrading, wallet draining, passtime of “Let’s find G a date on the internet!”
Searched 500+ postings
Sent aprox 85 emails with a response rate of 0%
Received about 15 unsolicited illiterate emails
Received ONE literate email - went on one date – bought my own drink (nuff said).

Received aprox 112 “perfect” matches
Received NO requests from men to communicate – yes that’s right 100% of the men on Eharmony who were matched with me chose to ‘close’ my account. Oh I forgot there was ONE guy who was a childhood friend from my home town who thought it was funny that we got matched - he contacted me.
Sent aprox 45 requests to communicate
Received 4 responses to my requests for communication – went on one date with one guy – he fell asleep on the bar then tried TWICE to make out with me.

After this 3 month jaunt I’m out about $200 and my ego has been ground into a bloody pulp but I must carry on my quest for a date. I specifically state DATE cause that’s all I want. I am not looking for a husband or a baby daddy– all I want to do is date a guy, I’m thinking – that should be rather easy. I am confident that there are guys who currently live in NYC between the ages of 32 and 45 who would like to DATE – right?

So I’m keeping the hope alive and on the advice of an old dear friend I have once again JOINED a new (to me) dating site, “OK Cupid”. Pros – it’s free, Cons it appears to be saturated by hipster dufus dudes who even though are in their 40’s love to rock a trend like a 23 year old Lower East Side trust fund baby . Neck tattoos, facial piercings, skinny jeans, graphic T’s and ‘ironic’ eye wear seem to be the go to steeze on this site. I feel that I may not be cool enough nor have enough angst to succeed on this website – but I’ll try. Stay tuned!

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