Thursday, September 24, 2009

Givin’ it Back

Despite my lack of tan and straight boy lovin’, stuff is going great. So great in fact that I thought I should do something to return the favor to the grand powers of fortune and put my passion for inspiring kids to use.

For the past two weeks the Today show has been running a PSA for the Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of NYC, and after hearing the announcement only twice I realized – YES that is for me! (Oh Today show you have inspired me once more to take action – fingers crossed this one will prove more fruitful than the Eharmony membership). The reason why I wanted to become a teacher was to empower city kids, engage them in creative thought processes, and create experiences for discovery and self enlightenment. Unfortunately that plan never came to fruition – nice going NYC Dept of Ed. – however I can still fulfill this goal by becoming a mentor (or so I hope). This week I started the ball rolling to becoming a “Big”, my application is complete, my character references have been submitted – Side note: references, you know who you are, just a reminder there is no crime in omission, you know what I mean. – and now I wait for my invitation to the formal 1.5 hour interview and background check. Funny that Big Brothers/ Big Sisters requires a mandatory 1.5 hour interview in order to judge whether or not I should be chosen to spend 4 hours a month with a kid, while the NYC Dept of Ed. only requires an 8 min. interview to hire a full time educator. Yep still just a bit bitter.

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